Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer is heating up....

Although the title refers somewhat to the weather, as it does continue to be a little on the warm side here, it mostly refers to the fishing. The walleye have been biting at an absolutely torrid pace this week and the same can pretty much be said for the northern too, including at least two monster 45" fish the past two weeks. With water temperatures still in the upper 70's here, you might expect the fish to be a little more sluggish but that simply hasn't been the case. Can't wait for some cooler nights and to see how much better the fishing gets as water temps dip back into the 60's.

We are coming off of our slowest week of the entire season guest wise and it felt really good to have a slower week in camp and recharge a bit. With just a little extra time on my hands, I did manage to get the girls back to Lost Lake for a half day adventure and let them experience what I hoped was going to be a few great hours of walleye fishing. Lost Lake didn't disappoint as we fished for three hours and released a total of 45 walleyes with almost every one between 17-22". Throw in a few pike in the upper 20 inch range and some "eye-popping" jumbo perch and it certainly was a trip to remember. Little did we know that as the week wore on, every group of guests that we sent back to Lost Lake would make our catch seem paltry by the numbers they caught. Always nice to complement some excellent fishing here on Wabaskang with a great adventure trip and lights out walleye fishing.

CJ heading to the FLW podium...looking good!

Some of you may remember previous Blog or fishing report entries mentioning CJ Holbrook. CJ is the teenager from Roann, IN that was diagnosed about 5 years ago (at the age of 13) with lymphoma and we were able to work with the Make-a-Wish foundation to make his Canadian fishing trip wish come true. We are very thankful  to update that CJ's cancer remains in remission and that his family will be making their third trip to camp in the summer of 2013. CJ is looking great, has a new girlfriend I am told, and has started to do some professional bass fishing on the FLW tour. Young, handsome, healthy, a pretty girlfriend AND some fishing on the FLW tour....the sky's the limit. Good Luck on the tour CJ!

Just in case any of those bass fishermen want to get in on some great smallmouth fishing....

Well August will soon be upon us, hope everyone is having a great (albeit probably very HOT) summer. Camp is booking up quickly for 2013 so don't wait too long to give us a call if you are thinking about a trip next summer. Until next time-Good Fishing!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catching up.....

Well so much for being more diligent in getting the Blog done, eh? Lot's of shady excuses to offer is busy, the girls arrived for their 5 week summer visit etc. The best one however, and it's really not even an excuse, is that our internet (via satellite) has been experiencing some "issues" and has only been working well the past couple of weeks early in the morning and again late in the day. If you have noticed a delay in me responding to any of your emails, that is probably why. It is also why the photo gallery updates are way behind.

With the annual golfing festivities behind us, camp moved forward in "normal" fashion. While it has been on the very warm and dry side here, it has been nothing compared to the oppressive heat much of the States has been experiencing. If you are looking for an escape, give us a call as there are still a very few openings this summer.

Fishing despite the bright sunshine, heat and a large mayfly hatch has been decent and getting better and better especially so far this week as guests are finding aggressive walleye throughout the day and easily catching limits. Pike fishing has remained good throughout the period and the smallmouth bite has bordered on the fantastic side with any of our guests who have targeted them reporting very good success with almost all the fish in the 3-4 pound range, and some slightly larger. Perch fishing has been on again/off again, but for those diligent enough to continually poke the weedbeds we have seen some nice baskets of BIG perch the past couple of weeks.
The Bushwood Country Club founders-Vinnie and the boys from Appleton

With the new deck completed on the lodge, we have moved on to putting the siding on. Although we have been slowed by the heat of the afternoon, we continue to make good progress and it won't be long and the lodge will look like the rest of the camp.

Ray "Happy Gilmore" Lockyer with his home made driver
Here are a few pictures to enjoy from the past several weeks in case you haven't seen some of them in the photo gallery. Speaking of which, if you were in camp and have some photos to share, please e mail them to me and I will do my best to share them with everyone and get them on the website.

Brian Lux with a beautiful 26 1/2" walleye he released
The VandeGriend's show that triple plays aren't just for baseball
The minnows arrive via floatplane. Always a hit with guests in camp.
Back in the day when it USED to rain here!

Father and son with a smallie double (Scott and son Micah)
Cody Weaver is all smiles over this smallmouth
Micah VandeGriend with a dandy 'eye