Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Minor setback?

In case you didn't hear, reports are that much of NW Ontario received as much as 18" of new snow in a storm that swept through the area on Monday. With only several feet of snow still remaining from earlier in the winter, this new snow dump should pretty much ensure that there will be a white Christmas. After all, Christmas 2014 is only 9 months away!

Seriously though, it's not the weather report we hoped for, but at least temperatures are forecast to start warming up in the area. We had a ton of snow and ice here in Indiana this winter also, and just 3 weeks ago I was wondering if it would ever go completely away here. Today, most smaller lakes in the area are open or well on their way to being open and other than the huge snow piles created from the plows, most snow on the ground is gone. So it can and does go fast with the right conditions. With six weeks to go until opening day there is still plenty of time to get there and we remain optimistic that like every year before, the ice will be gone by opening day.

In the meantime, with the snow finally off the ground here, I am able to get at the cargo trailer for the first time in months. It will need some new rubber this year before heading north again, so that will get taken care of soon. Once that is complete, we will get it loaded up with gear heading to Canada for the summer. So when go time arrives it will pretty much be hitch up and roll.

Wind conditions have prevented us from being able to get on Lake Michigan much so far this spring. Our first trip however was a great one, with a four man limit of coho salmon caught in about 2 hours of fishing. I like to think that some great fishing is ahead for us the rest of the spring and certainly all summer long on Wabaskang!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring is here... or so we hear!

That's what the calendar says anyhow, and actually we have started to see glimpses of it here in Indiana recently with some daytime high temps in the 50's at least. Unfortunately, it looks like it's back to the 30's for the next several days before another warm up arrives late this coming week.

The weather, however, has made it a great time to spend a little extra time on some pre-season camp planning as the weather conditions are taking their toll on the ice on our local lakes but there is still too much ice on Lake Michigan to start some spring salmon fishing so I have decided to wisely use this time to get a few things on the camp related to-do list accomplished.

MORE new boat seats have been ordered, shipped and picked up. Parts have been ordered for a couple of pumps needing some repair, the camper top cover for the passenger boat has been delivered to the canvas shop for much needed repair. We will be ready as always, which brings us back to the weather...

We are hearing from several sources in NW Ontario that ice conditions are not as good (or bad) depending upon how you look at it, as what might be expected. With early ice up on the lakes and abundant snow fall (insulation) throughout the season, most reports we are getting indicate there is significantly less ice than would be expected for such a brutally cold winter AND that much of the ice that is on the lakes is not in the best shape. Of course the downside is that any warm temps and sunshine must first melt snow before it can begin to work on the ice, and further this assumes that warm temps will in fact start to show up! Temperatures and weather patterns in April will hold the answer.

Until next time here are some pictures from our Indiana winter:
What do you think Packer fans? A new boat upgrade option for camp?

After not even getting my ice fishing gear out the last two years, it has been a great winter here to get back on the ice!

One of the slowest days of the season... 
One of the best days of the season...plenty of bluegill and panfish this winter to eat. YUM!
As the season progressed, we started to exchange quantity for quality.

This was one of three does that cruised through the back yard a couple of weeks ago.

In another section of the subdivision. Urban deer.

Open water near the harbor mouth at Michigan City, IN. Look out spring salmon we are coming for you!
In case you missed this on our Facebook page--NO this is not happening!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Maybe a little stir crazy or just cabin fever...

Fortunately another show is on the horizon next weekend, as we will be heading to Madison, Wi for the Madison Fishing Expo, February 21-23. With only three shows on our schedule for the entire season and a long six weeks since we wrapped up the All-Canada show in Chicago, it will feel good to get back out on the road for a show again. Even better, the show is in one of our all-time favorite markets where we not only consistently generate good business but we just thoroughly enjoy the people in the area. Looking forward to visiting with many of our regulars who we hope will stop by for a visit and certainly hope to meet some new groups that might be considering us for their fishing or family vacation this year or in the future.


There is one notable regulation change that will affect some of you who have trips planned to Wabaskang Lake in June this coming season. As many of you know, the areas of Wabaskang below Perrault Falls to the end of the channel  and nearby (for us) Mud Lake have long been fish sanctuaries off limits for walleye fishing until June 1st every year. The regulations have been changed effective this year, to extend the NO FISHING in these sanctuary areas until June 14th. 

Ice fishing has been pretty darn good for us this year, although we have a lot more ice than we really need. When you are using a hand auger, and are simply walking to your spot, anything over a solid 4-6" of ice is just overkill. I can't remember the last time in our area that we were having to drill through 14-18" of ice like this year. Maybe I'm just getting older, but I seem to be more content sitting at a non-productive hole a lot longer these days...not like years ago when I would eagerly drill 50 holes a day searching for aggressive fish. Or maybe with all the extra ice this year it's more a case of laziness! Either way, it has felt good to get back out on the ice again this winter and has helped to ease some of the cabin fever.
Another reason, not to hop around a's toasty in here!

Allison with her first bluegill through the ice, the way she likes to fish I'm sure it won't be the last.

Nothing better than good eater size gills.

Hmmm... probably not grilling out anytime soon.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter enthusiasts rejoice!

Well for those of you (us) who enjoy winter, you have to be smiling about this one! For others, the countdown to spring is probably well underway... Regardless, as we all know there's not a darn thing you can do about the weather other than sit back and wait for it to change for the better or worse.

Here in Indiana, we certainly are well above average for snowfall for the season and area lakes have plenty of ice. After not getting out ice fishing for the last two years, I can say it has felt good (prior to the onset of a massive head/chest cold that I am now dealing with) to get back on the ice again a handful of times.

It is way too early to be concerned about ice out at camp this year, but you can certainly put me in the "wishing for an early Spring arrival" category as it relates to opening up camp. After last season, I would like to think Mother Nature might show us a little mercy.... we shall see.

Until later, we hope everyone (whether you have enjoyed the winter or not) stays warm, safe and healthy throughout the balance of the season.

We will leave you with a little video that we hope brings you a chuckle.... yeah, winter is getting long.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Show season about to kick off

Hi everyone. The 2014 show circuit is about to kick off for us at the All Canada show in St. Charles, IL this coming Thursday, January 9. The show runs through Sunday, January 12th. We hope whether you are a current guest, former guest, or considering us for a trip this year or in the future, you will stop by for a visit at our booth.

Our complete show schedule can be viewed from our website at

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to all!

From our family to yours, we wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years! Hope everyone is showered with abundant health, happiness and blessings this holiday season and throughout the new year.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Former camp owner, John Morgan passes....

I apologize for being late with this notice, but we were recently informed by Steve Morgan (son) that John Morgan, former camp owner (1977-1992), passed away on Thanksgiving Day. We were extremely fortunate to have John in camp with us as a guest on two different occasions. During these trips we really enjoyed the opportunity to visit with John, who loved to share different stories about owning the camp. The history of the camp runs deep and it was great to hear stories that previously had been untold to us.
John on one of his trips back to camp.

It was also very evident to us, that despite not having been back to camp in around 20 years, the camp was still very dear to his heart. He spoke kindly of the changes made during the Lundy's ownership and ours and there was just a special glimmer in his eyes when he shared stories of the camp and about his family who grew up with camp life. John was also kind enough to share a couple of videos that he had shot of the camp and camp guests during he and Betty's ownership. What a hoot he had telling some of those stories!

I also vividly remember John just walking around the camp during his last visit during the week. You could sense the number of memories and emotions that he must have been feeling at the time, as he paused on occasion and just stared off into the distance, perhaps recalling things that for many years he hadn't pondered. As the trip neared weeks end, John and I sat alone on one of the benches down by the motorhouse, and John told me this would be his last trip to camp as tears filled his eyes. Perhaps then more than ever I realized, someday you will sell the camp, but you will always "own" it. Rest In Peace John and may God Bless your family.

On-line condolences  can be left for the family at