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Sunday, August 31, 2014

August goes out with a BANG!

While the first two weeks of August certainly provided some very good fishing from here in camp, the month has finished out on an even better note with some absolutely excellent fishing. Cooler days and nights, combined with some cloud cover and winds to stir things up have certainly lit a fire under the walle;ye. We have even had a couple of pretty good rains in the past week which we were in need of to water the lawn and turn the fish on even more.

August, as it always is, has been a very busy month here in camp and the fishing has provided many guests another excellent trip to camp with many checking out saying "fabulous time", "awesome fishing", etc. Music to our ears and thankful for our many great long-time guests that continue to make the summer an INCREDIBLE experience for us too!

Although we don't get many pictures from our guests when they check out, the fishing has just been too good to not share a few that we did get.

Tomorrow is September 1, and I think we still have some great fishing ahead! Until next time...

Andy Augustine another long time guest of camp is certainly no stranger to landing big pike

John Ball while not out searching for smallies, certainly was pleased with the fight this guy put up

Don Boyer another long time camp guests has caught thousands of northern from Wabaskang over the years, none fought harder he said than this 36" beauty.

Lane Boyer, Don's grandson made his first trip to camp and discovered why Grandpa Boyer has come here for so long

Doug Boyer (Don's son) showed quickly that even a 28 year gap between trips was not enough to keep the walleye safe from him! (p.s. If it's 28 years until the next trip Doug, we won't be here to host you)

Unfortunately for John Ball who loves to eat northern for shore lunch, this 30" guy was too big and had to go back.

Warren Daun while being a relative "newbie" to camp, certainly has figured out this lake quickly

Who wouldn't smile over a walleye like this?

Or this?

Even Aaron Daun is all smiles

C'mon Chuck you know you want to smile...

Earl Gransee with a bonus big smallie

Gary DeGrote and Tom Holtman with a fine looking stringer

Same for Earl and Greg...

Earl got in on the big northern action with this hefty 34" pike

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