Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Monday, October 7, 2013

Another memorable season

The 2013 season (our ninth), will be as many guests heard me say repeatedly during the season, one that will always be easy to remember. Starting with a last minute helicopter ride into camp as a result of a very late ice out, and enough drama and adversity to keep things interesting all season long, it certainly won't be hard years from now to "remember" season nine!

Despite all the challenges that are inherent in operating a wilderness camp, the rewards remain abundant. We were blessed again this season to host not only many, many of our long-time guests who we look forward to visiting with us every season, but also to meet and make friends with many first timers to camp. We continue to be so very appreciative of all the kind comments made about the camp and the efforts we make to ensure that everyone's trip is satisfying and enjoyable. Thank you also for the many referrals that you continue to send our way, as no advertising we can do is more powerful than your recommendation of our camp.

From a fishing standpoint, Wabaskang Lake continues to live up to it's well earned reputation as one of the finest multi-species fisheries in our region. I honestly can't remember another season where guests consistently praised the status of the fishery as much as this past year. Great combinations of quality fish and quantity were in order for most of the entire season, and it appears that there are several recent good year classes of young walleye in the pipeline poised to add to the fishing quality of the lake in the near future.

From a project standpoint, and besides the normal maintenance items like deck staining, painting etc., the season concluded with the new roofs being completed on Cabins 1 and 2. Although they never leaked, the shingles were certainly "tired" and in need of replacement, and in a short 2 1/2 days after season's end they were stripped and re-shingled completing a major project item that we hoped to get done in the spring before the late ice out changed our plans.

Here in Indiana, roofing has also been a priority. Many of you in camp this year heard us talking about a major storm at home that uprooted a huge oak tree which promptly fell across our brand new three season room that was just installed last year and onto the roof of the house resulting in significant damage. Well the new roof and gutters are on the house, most of the water damage has been addressed, and we hope that reconstruction of the three season room will begin again very soon. Spending all summer in camp obviously limits the amount of time we have to enjoy the room to just a few weeks in the spring and again in the fall, so we are anxious to have it redone and hopefully have some good fall season weather to briefly enjoy it.

Once I have had a chance to catch my breath and recharge just a bit, I will try to finally get some more pictures from the season on the website photo album, our Facebook page and/or our YouTube channel. Thanks for your patience and if you have pictures from your trip this year it's never too late to email us some of your favorites.