Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring is here... or so we hear!

That's what the calendar says anyhow, and actually we have started to see glimpses of it here in Indiana recently with some daytime high temps in the 50's at least. Unfortunately, it looks like it's back to the 30's for the next several days before another warm up arrives late this coming week.

The weather, however, has made it a great time to spend a little extra time on some pre-season camp planning as the weather conditions are taking their toll on the ice on our local lakes but there is still too much ice on Lake Michigan to start some spring salmon fishing so I have decided to wisely use this time to get a few things on the camp related to-do list accomplished.

MORE new boat seats have been ordered, shipped and picked up. Parts have been ordered for a couple of pumps needing some repair, the camper top cover for the passenger boat has been delivered to the canvas shop for much needed repair. We will be ready as always, which brings us back to the weather...

We are hearing from several sources in NW Ontario that ice conditions are not as good (or bad) depending upon how you look at it, as what might be expected. With early ice up on the lakes and abundant snow fall (insulation) throughout the season, most reports we are getting indicate there is significantly less ice than would be expected for such a brutally cold winter AND that much of the ice that is on the lakes is not in the best shape. Of course the downside is that any warm temps and sunshine must first melt snow before it can begin to work on the ice, and further this assumes that warm temps will in fact start to show up! Temperatures and weather patterns in April will hold the answer.

Until next time here are some pictures from our Indiana winter:
What do you think Packer fans? A new boat upgrade option for camp?

After not even getting my ice fishing gear out the last two years, it has been a great winter here to get back on the ice!

One of the slowest days of the season... 
One of the best days of the season...plenty of bluegill and panfish this winter to eat. YUM!
As the season progressed, we started to exchange quantity for quality.

This was one of three does that cruised through the back yard a couple of weeks ago.

In another section of the subdivision. Urban deer.

Open water near the harbor mouth at Michigan City, IN. Look out spring salmon we are coming for you!
In case you missed this on our Facebook page--NO this is not happening!!