Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Great season at the half way point!

It's been a another great (half) season here at camp this summer. We have had some great weather this summer (not too hot), with lot's of sunshine and just enough wind on most days to create a good "walleye chop" on the water. Fishing in July has been very good overall too which always helps to keep a smile on guests faces.

We are also at the mid-point of the Peffley girls six week summer stay in camp and we expect Milissa and Sara to arrive back in camp with us next week. Looking forward to having everyone together again and taking a day here or there for just a little family time.

This is also the time of year where we get more first timers to camp and I have to say we have really enjoyed meeting and making friends with our new guests. After spending many years in the corporate world where a customers shadow in my office doorway meant "we have a PROBLEM", it's a relief to have your customers always showing up in a great mood and eager to experience a fantastic week in the Canadian wilderness. They are happy when they get here and we try to work very hard to make sure that's the way they leave!

We have taken some advantage of the sunshine here recently to get new stain on Cabin decks 1, 4 and 8, with the plan to finish all the decks before seasons end. This is shaping up to be a good year for more general maintenance items vs. major projects. But then again, every year here is a general maintenance year!

Our daughter Emily has taken up photography as a hobby after getting a new Canon camera for her birthday so I thought I would share a few of the budding photographers shots.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy times at camp....

As we wrapped up the month of June and head into July, we have remained very busy here in camp. All of the girls are here now (except Sara) who will be joining us later this month once her Mom returns from a two week military related assignment. Fortunately (for them) most of the first two weeks in camp has been very hot and sunny, meaning there has been ample opportunity for swims in the lake whose water temps are now around 75 degrees.

This past week we took a little time to celebrate both Canada Day (July 1) and Independence Day with a camp wide cook out of hamburgers and hot dogs and later in the evening a small fireworks display that all enjoyed very much, bringing the best of the Canadian wilderness and "back home" for our guests together.

With lot's of kids in camp last week it made it a great week for everyone. Of course one of our very special groups (the Holbrook family) were in from the Wabash, Indiana area. This time with Grandma and Grandpa along to celebrate the beauty and serenity of the wilderness and our camp setting. Their visit is always a celebration of friendship and thankfulness for CJ remaining cancer free (many of you may recognize the name as our Make-a-Wish teenager who we provided a free trip to several years ago after he was diagnosed with lymphoma). It's been great to watch him grow up "right before our eyes" as well as younger brother Ben and twin sisters Tarah and Sarah. The boys sure have continued to develop their passion for the sport of fishing becoming active in the FLW tournament series where they recently finished 3rd (and won big bass) at the Fishers of Men Legacy Series Tournament. CJ started his trip well with a nice smallmouth bass while waiting for the boat to arrive at the roadside landing and ended it even better with a PIG 4 pound plus fish while casting from the rock in front of Cabin 6 Friday night. Leave it to that kid to catch two great fish without even having a boat at his disposal! Gotta love it!

Below are just a few pictures from the activities from last week, hope you enjoy, and if you are coming to camp yet this summer, see you soon!
Working the grill and loving it!

Everyone enjoying their meal at the cookout.
The kids enjoy some sparklers before the main firework event