Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Monday, September 20, 2010

Still catchin' fish and killin' bears

More about the fishing when I get around to writing the fishing report for the website, but suffice it to say here in the blog that the last couple of weeks has seen some continued excellent fishing for our guests. So good in fact, that although camp is "officially" closed, we still have a group of first timers in from St. Louis that are continuing to terrorize the walleye. Our bear hunts wrapped up with some decent success too. After having both of our hunters harvest bears in week one of our season, our group of four bow hunters in week 2 went home with two bears including a smaller but beautifully coated chocolate bear.

In other unrelated news, there was a fire a couple of weeks ago at the Village Corner in Vermilion Bay. The gas station/tackle store (Jiggers) and restaurant were destroyed. Not sure what the intention will be for the future with regards to possibly rebuilding the facilities. This was a popular stop for many of our guests who would call us from Vermilion Bay on the way up to arrange their pick up at the landing. We will be sure to pass along any additional information over the winter months or as it becomes available.

Matt Curtis (L) with his bear and his father Dave

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