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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

We often find things to blog about during the "offseason" to be quite challenging. Outside of camp life, I guess we just don't lead very exciting lives! Milissa and I were just talking the other night about posting a wish for a Happy Veterans Day to all of those who have bravely served in the defense and support of our great nation. Milissa, many of you know, is a 22 year veteran (and officer) of the US Army Reserves and who was deployed on a tour of duty to Iraq from June 2008-April 2009.

Barracks in Kuwait
In addition to being extremely proud of her and all our veterans, we as a family, also understand the sacrifices that a military family makes from both sides of the fence. From my perspective, I think back to all the times I have been asked the question "So what do you do during the offseason?" Well the year Milissa was deployed I can tell you I did a lot of cooking, laundry, dishes, homework, taking to school, picking up from school etc. I found it to be a real challenge running a household with four girls between the ages of 7-12. I fully understand this was the easy side of the fence to be on.

Milissa comes home safe!
The soldier is the one away from home and their families and friends who they love. They are the ones who are sleeping in unfamilar places, longing for home cooked meals, and certainly not taking for granted all of the conveniences of every day life that it is so easy for us to do. They are the ones who are willing to put themselves in harms way and many through the years have paid the ultimate price as a proud member of our nation's armed forces.

To try, even in some small way, to show our continued appreciation to current military families and veterans we began offering a military special during the month of July two years ago. We have been absolutely thrilled during the last two seasons to host a number of military personnel (active duty and retired) in camp who have taken advantage of this program and we plan to continue it indefinitely. If you are not familar with the Military Special you can see it at:

Milissa and the girls

Comfortable accommodations....

Before signing off on this blog, we would also like to encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices our veterans (and their families) have made and to ask everyone who knows a veteran to take a moment out of your day this Thursday and say: Thank You

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  1. Great Veterans' day post! From one Vietnam era veteran to an Iraqi veteran, Milissa, here's wishing you a happy belated Veteran's Day.

    I hope you and Dave have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday season. I look forward to seeing you guys at the Minneapolis All Canada show.

    Al Scherwinski