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Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness

If you thought from the title, this Blog was going to be about the college basketball tournament, you are wrong. Although the tournament is certainly a big part of March, the title is actually referring to the weather. Even at that, I'm not sure "madness" is the best adjective to describe this weather pattern! We came pretty close to setting a new record high EVERY day this week in Granger, and the forecast for Perrault Falls this coming week looks pretty incredible also. Forecast highs for this week in Perrault Falls:


With temperatures like that, it won't take long to make quick work of the ice on Wabaskang Lake. It really tempts me to head north with the boat in the event that ice goes out before the walleye season closes (April 15) for a little open water walleye fishing. Probably not going to happen as there is always a lot to get done in preparation of heading to camp later this spring, and with Spring Break for the girls fast approaching, it's probably more of a pipedream than a reality, but then again.....

The March warm up has made it extremely pleasant conditions for some early salmon fishing on Lake Michigan for us, and we took advantage of that every opportunity we had last week. Three trips to the lake yielded a total of 42 coho salmon. These spring coho are some of the finest eating fish available from the big lake. Whether grilled, pickled, smoked, matter how you prepare it, it's some tasty stuff!

Hopefully some of you are able to take advantage of this incredible Spring weather and wet a line yourself. Send me some pictures of your spring catches and I'll post them on the Blog. Although it may not be specific news about camp, or even Canada for that matter, it will still help to shake off the remnants of that cabin fever. I'll start it off with a couple from our Lake Michigan trips this past week, and a local bluegill catch.
Nine coho salmon and a great eater Brown trout bonus

Jerid Ostrom's fine catch of spring bluegill taken last week in SW Michigan

(L-R) Camp guests Cory Wright, Tom Bauters and Robert Bauters with some great looking (and eating) coho

Enjoy this fantastic weather! Until next time, tight lines.....

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