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Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost Spring and Shows are Over!

Which is a great feeling on both accounts to be honest. Really looking forward to the arrival of Spring and some warmer temps and it's good to have the show season for another year behind us. We generated a little extra business from each show we attended this year so we are looking forward to hosting some more new faces in camp and hope they will soon discover why so many of our guests become regulars with us.

Hard to believe that the season opens in just two months from today! That certainly pulls a trigger in our minds in terms of starting to think about camp more and the logistics involved in moving back to paradise for the summer. Of course for me, it also gets me thinking about getting out and doing a little open water fishing here for some panfish and also chasing some salmon and trout on Lake Michigan. Hopefully my 18' Tracker Targa will find its way home from winter storage soon!

To all of our guests who came out for a visit along the show circuit we wish to say "thank you" for stopping by the booth for a visit. We realize that it can be difficult to chat sometimes when the shows are real busy, but we always enjoy what time we do get to catch up with you and continue to be extremely appreciative for all the great things you share with other show guests about the camp. Thanks again!!

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Hope everyone has a great Spring. Until next time.....

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