Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 4 in the books....

...and what a week it was! Without question the best fishing week so far of our 2013 season. The guys in week 3 sure had it right when they kept saying: "next week things are really going to take off here".

We have been extremely busy here in camp taking care of guests, which has left little time to devote to special projects around camp. Some general maintenance items have been attended to, most notable being a rebuild of the ramp that transitions from the permanent dock to the ATV road going up the hill which we use when transporting your luggage. Much nicer now!

Water levels are high for this time of year, with water well into the motorhouse already. Nothing new there and we've learned to work around it until the water recedes some.

We did have an unusual occurrence in camp last week too as we had a gentleman who is a camp regular have his hip come out of socket while in the cabin putting on his raingear. Very freak accident, but fortunately as he told us, not painful. It did however require the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) to transport a couple of paramedics to the camp to provide him the necessary medical attention. Apparently, as I found out, the paramedics could not be transported on our boat, unless it was a life or death situation. So out came the OPP and the paramedics and within a couple of hours, our guest was on his way to the Dryden hospital where they X-rayed him, popped his hip back into socket and by 7:00 pm that evening he was back in camp having dinner with the rest of the guys. By 8:00 am the next morning he was on the dock, climbing into the boat and off across the lake for some more fishing! I hope I have that much determination when I am 79 years young!

Just a few shots from the last couple of weeks. The photo gallery on the website is way behind but between the photo gallery, the Facebook page and the Blog we hope your able to get your fix of Peffley's Camp news, photos and such.

Dan Worth with a quality eye from last week

Ed Flynn about to release a big northern from Week 3

Momma moose walking the shoreline

Mean Lake sunset.

Mr. Bear approaches the Bowen vehicle on Hwy 502 heading towards camp

The "Hotel". Make a reservation- the walleyes are always biting!

Cathy Connor with a nice walleye from week 3

As mentioned on our Facebook page...When these Wisconsin guys weren't catching perch by the bucketfuls they were slayinig walleye

And when they weren't fishin' they were relaxin' about camp...

Or shore lunching with the rest of the guys

See why it doesn't take long to fill a bucket with these perch...WOW!

Perry Tonn about to give the long-drive contest a shot. He would later win the closest to the pin contest. Congrats Perry!

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