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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer revisits.....

Well as predicted, summer has in fact returned to NW Ontario. Last Tuesday, the mercury hit 95 degrees here in camp and most of this week has dealt us a dead calm lake with temps in the mid to upper 80's with high humidity. Tough fishing conditions in terms of comfort, but still well worth it as the hot bite continues here in camp regardless of weather patterns. Granted, with the excessive heat this week, I would have to admit the early and late bite have been better....BUT I have also seen some pretty impressive catches come into camp from the mid-day fishermen also.

In other camp news, it finally happened. I have been expecting this every trip across the lake in the cargo/work boat for the past three years, but after 13 years of pushing GRUELING loads of weight 12 miles out to camp across Wabaskang Lake, the old Yamaha 150 hp VMax finally pushed her last load on Saturday. This boat has hauled fuel, propane, lumber, trash, people etc. faithfully for many, many years, but it's finally time for a new engine. As you all know, she's not the prettiest boat on Wabby, but this camp doesn't run without her! She will soon be equipped with some new power and be back in service.

One thing that we have heard almost unanimously this year from our guests is the great shape Wabaskang Lake is in as a fishery, as we have followed up a terrific 2012 season with another fantastic year of BOTH quality fish and good numbers in 2013. Further, it appears the pipeline is well stocked as in addition to tremendous numbers of 15-18" eater walleye we have seen this year AND the number of releases of fish over 20", we have also heard many guests talking about all the 10-13" walleye they are catching in many spots all over the lake. Looks like things are in good shape for future years, and with your continued support of catch and release, it will only get better.

Hopefully, many of you have been following our close to daily highlight reel of fishing photos on our Facebook page, but in case you've missed a few of our recent posts, here are a few recent photos and a few I just got from earlier this year.

Jerry Lundy's monster 30" walleye from last week about to be released.

Dale Vos swears this is the same northern he caught last year during August only a little bigger...

Sally Lundy holds a fine stringer of walleye...not hard to see why August is a popular month in camp.

Jerry's crew from June, yeah the fishing was ok!

Jim Klett a.k.a. Chief OneFeather, with a good pike from his spring trip

Allison Peffley is getting quite a reputation around camp for being a pretty darn good fishergirl. At 11 years old she probably is a few years out from guiding, but I got to admit she's a pretty accomplished walleye angler for her age.

Perch two at a time!

Opening week fishing was so good Bill literally collapsed on the boat!

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