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Friday, December 6, 2013

Former camp owner, John Morgan passes....

I apologize for being late with this notice, but we were recently informed by Steve Morgan (son) that John Morgan, former camp owner (1977-1992), passed away on Thanksgiving Day. We were extremely fortunate to have John in camp with us as a guest on two different occasions. During these trips we really enjoyed the opportunity to visit with John, who loved to share different stories about owning the camp. The history of the camp runs deep and it was great to hear stories that previously had been untold to us.
John on one of his trips back to camp.

It was also very evident to us, that despite not having been back to camp in around 20 years, the camp was still very dear to his heart. He spoke kindly of the changes made during the Lundy's ownership and ours and there was just a special glimmer in his eyes when he shared stories of the camp and about his family who grew up with camp life. John was also kind enough to share a couple of videos that he had shot of the camp and camp guests during he and Betty's ownership. What a hoot he had telling some of those stories!

I also vividly remember John just walking around the camp during his last visit during the week. You could sense the number of memories and emotions that he must have been feeling at the time, as he paused on occasion and just stared off into the distance, perhaps recalling things that for many years he hadn't pondered. As the trip neared weeks end, John and I sat alone on one of the benches down by the motorhouse, and John told me this would be his last trip to camp as tears filled his eyes. Perhaps then more than ever I realized, someday you will sell the camp, but you will always "own" it. Rest In Peace John and may God Bless your family.

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