Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Opening Day-2014

Is going to be a pretty quiet one around here. Unfortunately, Mother Nature forgot to look at her calendar and failed to live up to her part of the deal by having the lake ice free by this morning. In fact, quite the opposite, as there is still quite a bit of ice floating on the lake, but we finally have a favorable seven day forecast and after last night no more nights below freezing. So we do expect things to start moving fast now.

We helicoptered into camp again this year on Thursday hoping to see the north end of the lake with some black ice about ready to go out. Instead we flew over a lot of silvery, white ice that is just now starting to turn black. We have yet to be able to get our docks in the water as there is just too much ice still in front of camp floating around to risk losing them. Rest assured when the bell rings we will be ready with docks, boats, and warm, clean cabins.

Since I have limited internet accessibility right now, I am not able to post any pictures or videos of the conditions and our flight in, but will do so in a week or so.

We will stay in touch.

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