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Sunday, June 1, 2014

What a start...

This blog's title could apply to many things. The weather, the water level, the camp start up "issues", the fishing, etc. In fact, it does apply to them all.

While helicoptering over icy Wabaskang Lake on our way to camp on Thursday, May 15, one thing was painfully apparent: The ice would not be out by Saturday morning. Honestly, seeing all the ice at that time had me wondering if it would even go out by opening weeks end. Remarkably, five short days later and there was no ice left on Wabaskang at all.

Since the season began the weather has been incredibly beautiful with lot's of sunshine, very little rain (thank heavens- see water level discussion below) and warm temps. Warm to the tune of several days in the mid 80's last week. Just last week alone the water temperatures rose from about 48 degrees at the beginning of the week to the low 60's by weeks end. As I said, the weather has been beautiful.

Our lake level remains very high despite very little rain so far this season. Enormous spring run-offs from huge winter snows have pretty much ensured that we will have plenty of water to work with this entire season. Right now we have more than enough and hope to see it start dropping soon.

Despite camp wintering very well overall, start up is never without it's share of issues and this year was no exception. Starting with a check valve going bad in the water supply line and then progressing to an issue with the pressure switch on the pump, our second week included several days just trying to keep the water on. Thanks to Steve at Tall Pines camp for loaning me a check valve until I could get to town.

As far as the fishing goes, it has honestly been really good. The first couple of days we could fish opening week (Tues and Weds) were a little slow, but with some sunshine on Thursday the bite really picked up and carried over into week two of the season which for several groups in camp was excellent. We also had some first timers in camp and as you would expect they struggled a little more to consistently put fish in the boat, but overall everyone did pretty well. That is with the exception of Gar's crew as "pretty well" just doesn't do justice to the trip these guys put together. Five and a half men (Nolan, Jason's son is 11) managed to catch right around 1,500 fish for the week, most of which were walleye. As they shared their daily logs with me at weeks end what really impressed me was the number of trophy walleye included in their catches. I hope when they read this they correct me if I am wrong here, but I thought the number I heard was about 200 of the approximately 900 walleye they caught were >18".

Until next time...tight lines to all.

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