Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Friday, August 12, 2011

(Almost) mid-August update

Yea, I know what you mean. REALLY mid-August already???? Hard to believe another summer has flown by, isn't it? It's been so dry here, some of the trees are changing and dropping their leaves already, which really makes it feel like fall in that sense. The daytime temps in the upper 70's though continue to remind us summers not quite over yet.

Camp is still very busy, keeping us on our toes, and we continue to enjoy meeting and hosting some of our first timers to the lake. Most of our "newbies" are finding the learning curve on Wabaskang to be fairly short. Others are reluctant to give up what has "worked for 20 years for us in Canada", and have found the learning curve to be a little longer. Regardless of how long it takes to figure the fishing out, the cabins are clean, the air is fresh and the scenery and wildlife is incredible. In fact, I have to mention that I had a BIG bull moose swim across the lake in front of me on my way to the landing today just South of Indian Narrows. Of course, I didn't have my camera, and even worse didn't even have my iphone on me at the time either. RATS!! What a great photo it would have been to share with everyone. It was an awesome moment though, 7:30 a.m. and only two of us on the lake right then: Me and Bullwinkle....

Fishing remains very good overall for most everyone in camp, and with a much needed break in the temperatures and FINALLY a few clouds in the sky (for crying out loud) it will only get better. We look forward to a strong finish to what has been another very good year of fishing on Wabaskang. Bear baiting will start next week so I hope to have some trail cam pictures to post on the blog soon.

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