Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Fishing, Good Friends and Good Times

Another week in camp passes under bright sunny skies and nights cool enough to grab a sweatshirt for the evening. Not quite the fall of the year, but the days grow shorter and the nights are getting long as we approach one of our favorite times of the year in camp. Fishing remains very good (although the big pike have been a real challenge) and with a lot of our regulars in camp including the "Iowa invasion"--the good times continue every week with lot's of laughs, story-telling and even the occasion "fish-tale".

Mother nature has even mustered up a little rain for us in the last couple of weeks. Just enough to green some of the dry spots in the lawn up again, but hardly enough to dent the lake level which is as low for this time of year as we have seen in the last 5 seasons or so. The other very positive side to the limited rainfall and cooler temps is that the area is no longer a restricted fire zone. This has been one of the very worst years in Ontario for forest fires and resulting acreage that has burned in the last 50 years. We feel extremely blessed to have been spared and give our best wishes to everyone in the region who in some way was impacted by the severe fire situation this season.

Still a busy time for us with a lot of fishermen and bear hunters starting to arrive soon. Still a few things on the project list that I would like to see accomplished now that the weather is a little more maneagable (cooler!). The wood pile is in great shape this year after such a HOT summer, so I hope to spend some time on a couple of other projects instead of cutting, splitting and stacking so much wood. Hard to believe it is almost September already. Won't be long and our seventh season will be in the books, but we will be sure to have a few more blog entries between now and seasons end. Until then we will leave you with a few pictures from the past couple of weeks.
The Pinegar Crew-just another stringer of August walleye.Ho, hum.......

Another beautiful sunrise from camp

Ken Ruttledge with a good pike

Somehow we managed to get them to hold still long enough for one photo!

Katrina Getsfried with one of her first ever Canadian walleye

Ron Louck's crew on their first Canadian fishing adventure

Peggy Musch with a nice smallie she later released

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