Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ice is out!

Here in Indiana that is.... (gotcha) and actually has been for some time now! With open water calling, I did have the opportunity to squeeze in a couple of bluegill fishing trips. First one with limited success (half a dozen) and the next one much better with a total of 28 nice 'gills most around 8-9". Amazing how quickly fishing fortunes can change, sounds familiar even when you are up in camp. It's generally not a matter of IF you are gonna catch fish, it's more about am I in the right spot at the right time.

I'm not the only one getting in a little spring fishing.....

Ben and CJ Holbrook from a recent bass tournament.

CJ Holbrook with a big bass from the tournament. He and brother Ben finished 3rd. Can't wait to school you again this summer walleye fishing CJ! (got a feeling I'm gonna regret that)

Perry Tonn with a hawg walleye caught from a "secret" spot in Wisconsin.

Ok, so what about ice conditions for Wabaskang? Well we are hearing that there is still ice along the shores of the channel where the roadside landing is, so that certainly is not very encouraging. On the other hand, we have heard reports from Red Lake that there is "only" about 16" of GOOD ice there, which as contrary as it sounds, is actually good news as I would have expected there to be more to be honest.

We expect to be in Perrault Falls by mid-week next week and should be able to give you some first hand reports at that time. We certainly don't expect to be boating into camp next week, but we can get a few things accomplished roadside and try to get a report on ice conditions in Miller's Bay with hopes of chartering a flight CLOSE to camp.

Stay tuned and THINK SPRING!


  1. Better get that ice out soon as we will be up there in 28 days! Cant wait ! The BS is already starting in our little group! See ya in a few weeks! Good Luck on getting things in order at camp! John Rules

  2. Hey John, I THINK we will be ok by the time you guys get there! Won't be long now. Thanks and see you soon.

  3. Have safe travels Dave. We look forward to seeing you on an ice free Waby for opener with trout busting the surface.
    Tom C. Beloit WI

  4. I can taste that lake candy now!!! cant wait to get up and see you and get some more awesome fishing in. Nice pics above, and thats a monster Hawgeye. wow. see ya soon.

    Adam Holbrook