Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Monday, June 14, 2010


Greetings from the wonderful state of Wisconsin, home of the “awesomeest” Green Bay Packers! (Brett who???). It is our pleasure to be the guest bloggers on Dave’s blog this week. Allow us to introduce ourselves….Sandy teaches EMS (very recently retired lucky her) and is the supervising nurse at a girls summer camp (patience of a saint!). Bob does a little bit of everything from electrician to builder and could catch fish in a lake with NO fish! Bonnie keeps all running smoothly in the EMS/Fire section of our local college. Charlie assists individuals re-entering the community to find employment, etc. I (Cathy) keep things flowing smoothly as an Emergency Department nursing supervisor and John educates the future paramedics and also staffs the Emergency Department when his wife (me – the scheduler) puts him to work

It’s been one WHOLE week since our annual Canadian vacation officially ended and I think it’s time to go back. Reality has a way of doing that! One of the things that remains a bit of a mystery to Sandy, Bonnie & I is why more females aren’t in camp.

The comforts of home are all there (hot/cold running water, wood stove, gas cook stove, refrigerator, shower, FLUSH toilets and of course the most beautiful views in Canada), and the peace and serenity rival that of any spa! We would agree that vacations at the beach are great, spa vacations are relaxing and rejuvenating and shopping vacations are…..expensive(), but a trip to Canada is unique and encompasses the majority of what you will find on any other vacation! Why else would we continue to come year after year? (Sandy – 20+ years, Bonnie & I – 14 years). Everyone’s’ lives are hectic and this gives us the opportunity to reconnect with each other and with our spouses! Although we have done this so often we have it memorized, we still have planning meetings and even go so far to plan each day’s menu (each couple cooks 1 or 2 nights)! Although the menu varies from lasagna to steak to hamburger/hot dogs, by far our favorite meal is WALLEYE! We could in fact have walleye every night if we chose – fishing is that good!

So – what is our vacation like? Glad you asked! Here goes----

5 am (Friday) – the journey begins from central Wisconsin. Each couple drives in their own vehicle. Yes – it’s more gas, but it’s also time to reconnect with the other half! AND – we each get to listen to our own genre of music or no music! And if you have the pleasure of not driving – you can nap since 5 am is a bit early!

~07:30 am – Breakfast stop at Norske Nook in Rice Lake. Excellent food with a Scandinavian flair!

~10 am – Duluth, MN – Gander Mountain stop. They may have “just” received the latest – sure to catch fish – lure that was not available in Wisconsin!

~2 pm – International Falls and the border. It’s always hit or miss whether the border wait will be short or longer. In all the years we have been traveling to Canada, we have NEVER been searched! Hallelujah for that as it would be havoc on our schedule! After crossing the border we exchange money and get any pamphlets or brochures at the Canadian version of “Chamber of Commerce”.

~5 pm – FINALLY – we reach our stop for the night. Dryden, Ontario. We have stayed at the Best Western and the Timberland (both nice), but there are many other options. Then it’s supper (Riverside) and off to bed!

~7:30 (Saturday) – “On the road again” to IGA for perishables (eggs, milk, fruit) and Vermillion Bay (Bobbie’s Sport Shop) where we find more last minute essential fishing items we might need and purchase our licenses. They have an awesome gift shop for the shoppers

~0930 – Dutchie’s store in Perrault Falls to order our dry ice for when we come out the following week and any really last minute essentials (there is a gift shop there, also). This is also the central “call” place to alert Dave we will be at the boat landing.

~1200 – We are on the “big boat” with all our gear and on our way. Finally we round the corner and see our “home” for the next week – Peffley’s Wilderness Camp. If we are not already smiling – seeing the camp certainly brings a smile to all our faces and perhaps a flutter of excitement for the week ahead. Rain or shine – fish or read or nap – it’s all good! Dave, “Rafe” and Marilyn make sure our cabin is clean, our boats are ready each day and the minnows are ready to sacrifice themselves! There are so many different places to fish, that we could stay much longer than a week! Others in this blog (and the website) will tell you about all the fish, and you can believe it! A bonus this year was Sienna (camp dog). She is an absolute sweetheart and adds a very homey touch to the camp!

Each day is a different place to fish. Whether it’s Mean, Wine, Beaver, Wabaskang, or Mud we have fun. We don’t ALWAYS catch fish, but darn near! And if it rains, then the books come out (for you Stephen King fans – I recommend “Under the Dome” as it will take at least all week to read!), and the wood stove gets lit. One in our group had a Kindle and that was a real space saver as he could store many, many books in a thin computer “book”!

The end of the week is always a little sad. We miss our families and are ready to go home, but we also know we will miss the atmosphere, relaxation and general feeling of well-being at camp.

Did I mention wildlife? Well…………get ready to see moose, deer, bear, herons, pelicans (yes, I said pelicans), bald eagles, loons (and babies in late June, early July) and even a stray fox or wolf!

So…what do you say ladies?? Doesn’t this sound like the adventure of a lifetime? Want more information? Dave can answer your questions (e-mail on the website). If you want to “talk” to one of us – Dave will pass that on also. Canada (and Peffley’s camp) awaits you with open arms!

Yours in fishing – Sandy, Bonnie & Cathy (and Bob, Charlie & John)

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