Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Experience Counts

Just for fun this week I added up the total fishing experience of the group leaders in our eight guest cabins. Not the entire group, just the most senior member of the crew, and determined that this week in camp we have 135 years of experience in camp in just the "pit bosses". That includes two cabins (the relative newbies) that only have a combined 5 years experience on Wabaskang. If I were to include myself in the figure for the week it would increase to 153 years of experience.

That's a lot of knowledge working for our guests who share info, spots, techniques, and other hot patterns with each other. No wonder this week the "gut" buckets in the fish house are just loaded again every morning. It also says a lot about the loyalty of our guests to this camp, some of whom have come now during four separate ownership eras dating back to the 1960's when the camp was originally operated as Dave's Wilderness Camp. For us, we are honored to be owner's of the camp and do our small part in continuing a legacy of excellence that was established long ago.

Also, a big "THANKS" to a second year guest that has been kind enough to create a Peffley's Wilderness Camp group on Facebook. If you are a fan of camp, and what we do, join the group and feel free to add your trip photos to the group.

Until the next blog, tight lines and see you on the water!


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