Morning dawns at Peffley's Wilderness Camp

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seneca, South Carolina ROCKS Peffley's Camp!

It was our pleasure to host Bob Stromberg's group from Seneca, South Carolina again this year. Bob was here for somewhere in the 38th year range and his group of Fred Bailine, Tom Greene and Dave Garrison (all 70'ish in ages with the notable exception of Bob who is only 69) suffered through a week that saw their catch drop nearly 20% from last years trip.

Now here's the deal-- see, last year these guys caught just over 1,200 fish for the week. (walleyes, northern, smallies and perch combined) This year they only managed to boat 966 fish in basically six days of fishing including 709 walleyes, 232 northern pike, 21 perch and 4 smallmouth. Despite the dramatic (20%) drop in the fishing success of the group--Bob assures me that they will still come back next year. Also, I would be remiss (for everyone who thinks I push the live bait sales) if I did not mention that these guys never fished any live bait the entire week. STRICTLY jigs and plastics. And of course as 99% of our guests have found, these guys never fished more than a 15 minute ride from camp.

Hopefully things will pick up for these guys again next year, hate to lose a booking over "poor" fishing!

We'll (try) to save some for ya!

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  1. that is amazing!! we didn't fish much w/o live bait (first week of June). i threw some rapalas here and there, and my dad tried some plastic tails on jigs. no-go though for us on plastics (caught our fair share on minnows/crawlers). we didn't give it too much time though either......i did, at one spot (where we were catching wallys every/other cast) lose my minnow, and decided to just drop in the plain untipped jig. caught one on the first cast, go figure :)

    cool news to hear though! nice work fellas!